What is AFECO


About the project

The AFECO project aims to promote older adults’ skills and competences that allow them to analyse and use affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly principles in their physical environment (at home or in the neighbourhood).
Age-friendly and eco-friendly principles should work complementarily and supportively to create the right conditions for social inclusion, active ageing and ageing in place through an environmentally responsible way of living.

What are age-friendly principles?

Age-friendly principles are practical solutions that enhance health, participation, and security opportunities, enabling older adults to age actively and improve their quality of life. These solutions are linked to the eight domains of the age-friendly cities framework developed by the World Health Organization, which includes outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community support and health services.

What are eco-friendly principles?

Eco-friendly principles are practical solutions that help older adults act more sustainably and reduce their impact on the environment. These solutions can be implemented in their own homes or community with support from others.

Environmentally friendly solutions aim to reduce, minimize the impact on, or do no harm to ecosystems or the environment.

Project objectives

The main objective of the AFECO is to develop a well-structured and open e-learning platform aiming to raise awareness and educate older people, (in)formal caregivers and social workers regarding:


The application of age-friendly principles (in-home and in the neighbourhood) as a valuable tool for active ageing and ageing in place. Age-friendly environments can play a crucial role in empowering citizens to age in better physical and mental health, actively participate in society, and stay independent for as much as possible.


The cultural and behavioural shift needed for the promotion of age-friendly environment principles through their interaction with environmentally friendly principles.


The new configuration and challenges posed on age-friendly and eco-friendly physical environments under the continuous technological advances and assisted living systems for ageing in place.


The role of age-friendly and eco-friendly environments (at home or in the neighbourhood) as a valuable tool in the caregiving context that can compensate for the biological decline in case of frailty or disease of older people in need of care.

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Project details

AFECO Project details
Empowering older adults to apply affordable eco-friendly and age-friendly solutions to age in place.
01/12/22 - 31/05/25
GA Number
Action type
KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education
Adult Education
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Project outputs

To obtain these objectives, AFECO will develop the following results:

Baseline study

It is analysing the educational needs of the project’s target group, including the baseline level of knowledge, and identifying how to best fit them into a learning methodology and tailored training curriculum. This analysis takes into consideration the social, financial, cultural, and educational approaches, as well as policies in each of the project countries.


The learning content is being co-created with the target group and structured according to the project’s specific objectives. It analyzes core issues surrounding age-friendly and eco-friendly principles in both home and community settings, as part of older people’s empowerment, aging well, and aging in place.

e-learning platform

Designed inclusively with an open and accessible approach for all adults to learn and effectively apply the knowledge and practices acquired.

Validation handbook

Final version of the education and training content, along with the methodology that must be followed to effectively deliver the content to new learners and interested stakeholders. It provides guidance on the best approach to ensure successful delivery of the content.

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