Launch of AFECO project in Gouda, The Netherlands

AFECO, an Erasmus+ project, commenced with a hybrid kick-off meeting held on January 18-19, 2023, in Gouda, The Netherlands. The project’s primary objective is to empower older adults by promoting affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly solutions within their living environments.

Taking inspiration from SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments), AFECO addresses the concerns of older adults regarding climate change, financial matters, and the future of their families. Additionally, it contributes to the European Green Deal’s objective of transforming the EU into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy.

The project aims to raise awareness and provide education to older individuals, formal and informal caregivers, and social workers about the significance of age-friendly and eco-friendly environments within homes and communities. These environments play a vital role in supporting active ageing and enabling older adults to age in place, particularly in caregiving contexts where they may experience biological decline or require care due to frailty or illness.

From December 2022 until May 2025 seven organizations across six countries will be collaborating:

– AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe (Netherlands) – International Coordinator

– FRODIZO, Corporation for Succor and Care of Elderly and Disabled (Greece)

– ISRAA, Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza Agli Anziani (Italy)

– ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gGmbH (Germany)

– SHINE 2Europe (Portugal)

– The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

– UPWr, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wroclawiu (Poland)

AFECO Launch in Gouda
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