Co-Creation session in Germany


ISIS organised an AFECO co-creation session on 29th April 2024, with 16 participants. This session was conducted at the “Hofgut Goldstein” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, a seniors centre with open living groups offering multiple activities for older adults.

Following the initial introduction to the project, two modules were presented in this session, ensuring that all participants could provide feedback on the content developed within the AFECO project. Concerning the first module, eco, and age-friendly finances, the main concern was that the content was mostly focus on homeowners, while it should consider also on those who rent. The activities included in the modules, such as short quizes, were considered logical and achievable.

Regarding the second module, eco-friendly public spaces, the videos, and content were considered informative, along with clear and concise tasks. Besides providing some valuable insights in regard to the content, some suggestions were also made.

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