Baseline Report and Implementation Strategy is now available

One of the main objectives of the AFECO project is to support the quality of life, prolonged independent living and social involvement of older adults. The project aims to promote active ageing and ageing in place by emphasising the importance of age-friendly and environmentally friendly environments in homes, communities and neighbourhoods. It also aims to raise awareness and educate older adults, (in)formal carers and social workers about the importance of these environments.

The Baseline Report and Implementation Strategy presents the results of the activities of the project partners in Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Poland during the first phase of the project (December 2022 – November 2023). The report includes a literature review a comparative analysis of age and eco-friendly solutions, a report on good practices, findings from interviews and focus groups, and related case studies from the partner countries.

The guidelines produced by the baseline analysis show the conceptual framework for the training materials and provide recommendations for the upcoming actions (design of the e-learning platform, development of a curriculum, testing of the e-learning platform) of the project.

For further details on

• The descriptive and comparative analysis of the different health, social, financial and environmental country contexts and the impact of age-friendly and eco-friendly principles on them;

• The guidelines for age-friendly principles and their potential to co-shape the dimensions of active ageing and ageing in place (both at home and in the community) for older people and older people in need of care;

• The key findings from the interviews with older adults, carers and other experts;

• The learning needs of (in)formal carers and social workers;

• The educational needs of older adults and how these needs can be met with a tailored training curriculum;

• The evaluation of the practical adaptations and interventions needed for the e-Learning platform;

• A preliminary analysis of associated stakeholders.

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