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The third AFECO newsletter is out!

We are happy to bring you the latest edition of our newsletter! What’s Inside? • Co-creation sessions: key meetings for developing a curriculum • Events and collaborations: extending AFECO’s outreach • Meet the consortium: it’s time for Italy and Greece. Don’t miss out on the latest updates. Click the link below to dive into the full edition. Happy Reading!

Co-creation session in Portugal

  On May 9th, 2024, a co-creation session for the AFECO project was organized by SHINE. Five Portuguese participants attended this session online, intending to provide feedback on the presented module. In this session, the module eco-friendly in-house adaptations was presented. Overall, the feedback was positive, more specifically about language and content. Some valuable suggestions were made, concerning the use of images, the structure of modules on the platform, and content restructure of the presented module, from easier to harder to adapt. The main concern about the platform was content overlap. The participants were all very engaged and involved during this session, always eager to answer some questions and voice their opinions while relating the content to their daily contexts. To provide some additional feedback, the participants asked for some extra time to assess the unit, namely its videos and websites and suggested receiving the document to do so.  

Co-Creation Session in Poland

A co-creation session was held for the AFECO project on April 29th, 2024, in Jelenia Góra, Poland. This session counted 6 participants, who were invited to provide their feedback on one of the modules of the upcoming AFECO platform: age-friendly housing. The participants were very active and showed a lot of interest throughout the session. They shared valuable insights on the platform’s presentation and its accessibility, concerning videos, language, and subtitles. The videos, the clarity of text and the interactive materials were positively evaluated. The participants acknowledged that the modules were clear, easy to understand, and user-friendly. They did not suggest any major modifications. The participants also showed their interest in participating in the tool’s testing once it’s ready!

Co-Creation session in Germany

  ISIS organised an AFECO co-creation session on 29th April 2024, with 16 participants. This session was conducted at the “Hofgut Goldstein” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, a seniors centre with open living groups offering multiple activities for older adults. Following the initial introduction to the project, two modules were presented in this session, ensuring that all participants could provide feedback on the content developed within the AFECO project. Concerning the first module, eco, and age-friendly finances, the main concern was that the content was mostly focus on homeowners, while it should consider also on those who rent. The activities included in the modules, such as short quizes, were considered logical and achievable. Regarding the second module, eco-friendly public spaces, the videos, and content were considered informative, along with clear and concise tasks. Besides providing some valuable insights in regard to the content, some suggestions were also made.

Co-creation Session in Italy

  On 27 May 2024 in Treviso, Italy, five participants attended an AFECO co-creation session facilitated by ISRAA. In this session, feedback on the eco-friendly health module was provided. In general, the objectives and themes of the platform were appreciated. However, it was suggested that some of the topics should be deepened in order to make them more useful. In terms of content, some suggestions were made in relation to their daily lives and how these tips could be made more practical and easier to adopt. Language issues and the use of photos were also raised during this session. Overall, the participants were engaged and involved and felt that this platform, where information is organised, can be very useful!

Co-creation Session with Citizens in Greece

  The AFECO team organised a co-creation session in Patras, Greece, on April 24th, 2024. Eight citizens attended this session, and they were invited to provide feedback on the module: “security in age-friendly environments”. Feedback was overall positive. The participants were actively engaged and interested in the learning platform. However, they pointed out that the knowledge gap exisiting in the notion of security and safety as vital parts of age friendly homes, is a gap that needs to be filled for both older and younger generations. They suggested that an intergenerational approach might yield the best results in promoting the age-friendly and eco-friendly principles outlined in this module.

Co-creation session in the Netherlands

On 22 May 2024, a dedicated group of seven participants gathered in Delft, the Netherlands, to delve into the Eco-friendly Technology module. This session provided a platform to discuss innovative developments and integrate valuable feedback from earlier project phases. Throughout the session, the participants were actively involved with enthusiastic discussions. People felt inspired by the topics and the eco-friendly solutions presented. The main feedback was on the style, videos and tips provided in the module. Some participants highlighted their interesent in the eco-friendly solutions to be applied in their home. In conclusion, the module session on eco-friendly technology in Delft was a successful and enlightening event.

AFECO Webinar: First results of the project shared

On January 23, 2024, the AFECO consortium organised the first project webinar, dedicated to present the outcomes of the project’s first phase. More than 30 people across Europe attended the webinar. The Erasmus+ Adult Education project AFECO – Empowering older adults to apply eco- and age-friendly solutions to age in place, started in December 2022 and will finalise its results in May 2025. The first phase of the project consisted of defining the needs, making a comparable analysis and delivering a baseline report. During the webinar, some interesting findings were shared. Older adults in six European countries are more aware of age-friendly solutions at home or in the environment than eco-friendly solutions. Their learning needs focus on mobility and the use of technology to apply age- and eco-friendly solutions and ICT skills, finding information, solving financial constraints and practical cases. These were the results of 104 interviews with older people aged 65+ from The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Greece and Italy. Based on these results, the project team is working on the development of an online curriculum and an e-learning platform. The curriculum and e-learning platform will be co-created with older adults and caregivers. Then the full draft will be validated and a handbook for learners and educators will be the final result of the project. The modules of the curriculum focus, among others, on awareness raising, technology, health, ICT skills. The e-learning platform offers guidance by a virtual assistant and autonomous learning. The platform will include a virtual library and will also give room to existing online communities. Recordings of the meetings are available here Want to know more? Follow us:

AFECO was presented to the COST Scientific Committee in Lisbon

AFECO project was presented by Carina Dantas, who was invited to present NET4Age-Friendly to the COST Scientific Committee (SC) at the 18th SC meeting in Lisbon. The COST SC advises the COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology about the quality of the Open Call and in particular, the procedures related to the submission, evaluation, and selection of proposals. It also oversees the monitoring and final assessment of COST Actions. NET4Age-Friendly was one of the Actions selected to be presented based on its excellent intermmediate results and expected short- and long-term impacts. Carina Dantas is the chair of The of NET4Age-Friendly, whose main aim is to establish an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers from all sectors to foster awareness, and to support the creation and implementation of smart, healthy indoor and outdoor environments for present and future generations. In this regard, Carina presented some of the SHAFE (Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments) related projects, including AFECO, which aims to promote the empowerment of older adults to apply affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly solutions to age in place.

Save the Date! AFECO Webinar, 23.01.2024, 16.00 CET

The AFECO consortium is happy to announce the first AFECO webinar, dedicated to present the outcomes of the project’s first phase. In this first phase we interviewed over 100 older adults and healthcare professionals to identify their learning needs in regard to age- and eco-friendly principles. We are eager to share the main outcomes of these interviews and other advancements, discoveries, and milestones achieved thus far. AGENDA: 1. Introduction and welcome 2. Project overview and objectives 3. Results of the first phase of the project 6. Next steps 7. Interactive Q&A session All stakeholders are invited to take part and provide their inputs and suggestions. To ensure your participation, please sign up using this link

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